Cool Toys Pic of the Day – USB Condoms USB Condoms:

This morning I was checking out this fascinating piece of hardware to protect against "juice-jacking." What is juice-jacking?

How-to-Geek: HTG Explains: What Is Juice Jacking and How Worried Should You Be?:

1) "the power supply and the data stream pass over the same cable"
2) "leveraging the USB data/power cable to illegitimately access the phone’s data and/or inject malicious code onto the device is known as Juice Jacking."

Krebs on Security: Beware of Juice-Jacking

"“One attendee claimed his phone had USB transfer off and he would be fine. When he plugged in, it instantly went into USB transfer mode,” Markus recalls. “He then sheepishly said, ‘Guess that setting doesn’t work.’”"

Oh, lovely, eh? So this device, the USB Condom, blocks the pins for data transfer allowing the phone to connect for charging, but only transferring power, not data. Pretty slick idea!

BTW, they seem to be going pretty fast. This morning when I checked, the price was listed as $0.00 because they were all out and waiting on a new shipment from the factory. Tonight the factory shipment has arrived, they are taking orders again, and the price is $9.99 for preorders for their NEXT shipment, due to arrive on Friday. Selling like hotcakes!


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