Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Nymi


The buzz today was all about yet another new way to provide security for your accounts and devices. We are truly moving toward life beyond the password.

The idea of the Nymi is to use your ECG/EKG as the password. Oh. What a novel idea! Several of my geekier pals around campus are talking about ordering one. Here is a video showing what folk are so excited about.

Nymi by Bionym:

Now, I tweeted this, and that turned into a very interesting conversation about what might not work with this idea. The conversation was centered around Jay Ackroyd of Virtually Speaking, a well known Blogradio show and Second Life phenomena, with occasional comments from others. The gist of it was (1) there is no single authentication method that will work consistently for everyone, (2) what about security versus convenience tradeoffs, and (3) how does this new approach to security connect to the privacy / transparency debates.


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