Cool Toys Pic of the Day – GEDVIZ


This morning I received a tweet from Josh Walker alerting me to this tool. Apparently this tool had been available to the public for, oh, I dunno, about two weeks! Josh sure caught it fast. He also has brilliant useful tweets, so if you don’t follow him already, you should! (You can find him at @jshwlkr .)

GED-VIZ is just fascinating. You can see the great data visualization in the image, but what that doesn’t show is how it changes over time and supports the process of making concepts and time factors more clear through a kind of storytelling. The GED team (Global Economic Dynamics) was working with a bunch of data that really didn’t make clear sense without that temporal context. They couldn’t find a tool that did what they wanted, so they ended up making it themselves! And now we have a data-visualization-storytelling tool that is HTML5 (and thus will work on mobile devices) and is also OPEN SOURCE!

GED-VIZ source code:

Check out the video here.

GED | Tutorial GED Viz (English Version)

In their words:
"Our Global Economic Dynamics project exists to help make complex economic dynamics transparent and understandable. The project examines the causes and effects of economic trends, as well as the connections linking one trend to another.

Within the GED Project we are working with latest tools and methods for measuring, forecasting and representing global economic dynamics and we continue to develop these instruments in cooperation with leading scientists, research institutes and analysts.

GED Shorts are multimedia, interactive presentations of our studies, simulations and forecasts. They are available for use and re-use by the general public, including media representatives."
If you want more of an explanation of how it works, here’s a good blogpost from

Seeing the World’s Economy Through Connections

Here’s the post Josh sent me.

GED Viz, A Data Storytelling Tool

Here’s more info from the folks who made it.

GED VIZ: An HTML5 data visualization tool (July 9, 2013)

How we built the data visualization tool GED VIZ (July 10, 2013)


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