Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Worm Watch Lab

Worm Watch Lab:

Another fascinating addition to the Zooniverse collection of citizen science and crowdsourced science projects. Other Zooniverse projects range from space to climate to history to the wild outdoors. In this project, scientists studying the nematode C. elegans are asking for help deciphering videos of worm behavior (mostly egg laying).

I know. It doesn’t sound very fascinating, but it is. C. elegans is one of the most studied of all worms. They explain in the blog that we share a common ancestor with them, and that much of there genome is similar to ours. Me, I’m intrigued by the worms in part because of the importance of worms in new studies of the microbiome, although that isn’t what is being studied here. Who knows? Maybe they’ll expand the study later. Read more here:



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