Cool Toys Pic of the Day – EyeEm

EyeEm: Popular


App (iPhone):

App (Android):

I have become rather engrossed with camera apps that include filters, so much so that I tried just searching "filter" in the iTunes store to see what I could find. This is one I had somehow missed, and and finding very useful. It is similar to Instagram in many ways, but with a wider range of filters, frames managed separately from the filters, a really nice interface, excellent social media integration, much easier access via the web, excellent prompts for adding metadata to the images, searching and browsing, especially location and geo-browsing (amping up what Foursquare offers), and a phenomenal community.

I was under the impression that EyeEm had nothing but amazing photographers, until I read that they actually use artificial intelligence to track what you like, and then suggest photos and other users who you are likely to enjoy. Oh. That’s why they all seem so good!

Then there are these extras. Copy your photos from Instagram to EyeEm with this dandy tool.

Instagram 2 EyeEm:

Want to know more about the API? Here you go.

EyeEm for Developers:

And here I was just thinking I’d use it to make comics.


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