Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Vine (for librarians!)


In their words:
“Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post on Vine appear on your profile and are shared with your followers. You can also share them instantly to Twitter or Facebook.”

These mini-videos loop, so they function very similarly to gifs. I’ve been trying to think of eye catching ways to engage an audience ever since I read this blog post on Information Tyrannosaur.

“Getting Started with Social Media for Your Library” by Andy Burkhart

He states that using pictures or videos can increase engagement by 120%. He published this piece shortly after Vine was released by Twitter. Immediately I started brainstorming ways to use Vine to increase customer engagement. I’m seeing some blog posts that seem to think Vine is a good way to do a super short screencast, but I think it is a poor vehicle for that. Instead, try some of the following:

Stop motion animation – six seconds is not a long time, but you can stretch it out with some stop motion animation. Try stacking books and unstacking them, or sliding them partially out as in the screenshot. This can be the most creative, and potentially the most frustrating, but worth it if your patrons remember it!

Blind date with a book preview – Have you seen the “Blind Date with a Book” or “Speed Date with a Book” promotions? Vine could be a great way to promote these or promote a particular book if you are using for a book club, or have an author visit coming up. Film some teasers about the book, or give a sneak peek at only a portion of the cover.

Guess the cover – You probably knew that was coming next. Have patrons guess what the title of a book is by showing them a cover or vice versa. You could also do guess the picture using covered portions of staff pictures. Try guess the cover using DVD or CD art. This one has a lot of options.

Exhibit, programming or collection highlights or previews – want to promote a special collection, a new collection, programming, events or exhibits? Take some teaser pictures of the best pieces or best stories and use Vine to highlight them. Have your guests give one word highlights for events then compile them. Have a special performer or author coming? Ask them to give you a few seconds of commentary.

“Behind the scenes” of an author talk or concert – What better way to show value than to show some of the work that goes into programming. Take a video of a performance rehearsal or tech set up prior to an event.

Highlight the diversity of your collection or patrons – Compile clips of patrons hands, feet, faces, hair, choose whatever part or portion you like but be as wild and diverse as possible then compile it in a video. You could do the same with collections, pull the most unusual, vivid or engaging pieces and compile shots of them with Vine.

Visual scavenger hunt clues – Vine videos can be posted to Twitter and Facebook. Have community members complete a scavenger hunt and reward them with an library perk. Ask local businesses to participate and let them know you’ll be sending people their way. This is a great way to not only engage your patrons but to form community alliances as well.

Speaking of community alliances, how about using Vine to create a video of local businesses with “I geek…” postings or “@thelibrary” postings on their signs. This is a great way to foster traffic for them and the library.

There aren’t that many libraries using Vine yet. Posts are beginning to pop up in blogs over the last two weeks with more ideas and examples.

Blog Post: Vine Offers Boundless Creativity for Libraries –

I’m sure I haven’t thought of all the ways you could use this medium. What other ways could this be used to promote your library?

This is a guest post by Chris Bulin (@Arduanne), a graduate student assistant at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.


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