Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Great Brain Experiment!

The Great Brain Experiment!:

About GBE:

The App (iOS):

This is Brain Awareness Week, a celebration of learning and
understanding about the brain and neurosciences of all sorts.

Brain Awareness Week:

BAW On Facebook:

As part of #BrainWeek, the Wellcome Institute is giving away a free app to both teach folk more about how the brain and memory work, and also to gather data for research scientists. That means it is a citizen science / health literacy / neuroscience GAME.

I just downloaded it, and haven’t gotten very far into it, but I am excited about the idea of it more than the implementation, at least to start. It seems a bit boring, but I really really want this to work, so I will probably play more of it. I want to both do some brain training (and this seems like it would work for that also), as well as donating (hopefully useful) information to science.

In their words:
“As you might have guessed, by playing the games, you will actually become part of a giant scientific study! With your permission your game scores will be sent to us anonymously, for further analysis in our lab. Then, as the results flood in, we’ll be able to use your scores to investigate the function of the human brain.
Each game looks at a different aspect of brain function: how good we are at stopping ourselves from doing something, how good our short term memory is, how quickly we can take in visual objects, whether we prefer to take risks or stay safe, and how these choices affect our happiness.”


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