Cool toys pic of the day – CitizenSort


If you enjoy gaming for good, or scientific classification you should check out Citizen Sort. This site was created by biology and ecology students and researchers at Syracuse University in conjunction with their iSchool.

Syracuse University School of Information

Currently, there are three games that can be played.

The first two games fall under the same category, Happy Match. This relies on players who are very good at noticing details while playing a version of the Match Game. The goal is to classify photos of wildlife (the two games currently active are for Moths and Rays) so that the researchers can use the information gathered in the game to help answer their research questions. At the same time, the iSchool students are looking for clues about motivation and evaluation in citizen science games.

The other game that is available, Forgotten Island, is a point and click story game that uses scientific classification to solve riddles and advance the story. This is particularly appealing to me, because I like some story with my gaming.

In their words:
“Citizen Sort’s video games were designed in collaboration with biologists and naturalists. As you play, you’ll help classify plants, animals, and insects, and you’ll produce valuable scientific data to aid scientists in their work.”

You’ll also help information scientists, HCI researchers, and computer scientists understand citizen science, an exciting phenomenon where people like you help out on scientific projects. This is the future of science, and you’ll be part of it!

This is a guest post by Chris Bulin (@Arduanne), a graduate student assistant at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.


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