Cool toys pic of the day – What’s App & Kik

What’s App:
Available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Symbian, Windows Phone

Available on: Apple. Android, Windows, Ovi, Blackberry

I was just reading this report from the folks at Mobile Youth, implying that there are yet again new apps and new online spaces that we need to know about in order to connect with the youth and young adult market. I work at a university. This means “the students.” So, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try to find a way to squeeze these onto my smartphone that is out of space and start using them. Maybe some of you will help me try them out. And I’ll get my freshman at home to use them, too. Just in case.

‘I’m so over SMS’: 2013 is the year youth abandon SMS in favor of Twitter, WhatsApp and Kik:


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