Cool toys pic of the day – Social Turkers: Crowdsourced Dating

Social Turkers: Crowdsourced Dating:

In their words:
“What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social
interactions? Would unbiased third party monitors be better suited to interpret situations and make decisions for the parties involved? How might augmenting our experience help us become more aware in our relationships, shift us out of normal patterns, and open us to unexpected possibilities? I am developing a system like this for myself using Amazon Mechanical Turk. During a series of dates with new people I meet on the internet, I will stream the interaction to the web using an iPhone app. Turk workers will be paid to watch the stream, interpret what is happening, and offer feedback as to what I should do or say next. This feedback will be communicated to me via text message.”

This blows my mind in a LOT of ways. The big idea jumping up and down in my brain right now, is WHAT ABOUT ASPERGERS??? We know that people on the autism spectrum have significant challenges in both
understanding and exhibiting what would be considered normal social behaviors. With early diagnosis, there is a huge amount of time spend with social skills training from a very early age, as early as you have an idea they’ll need it. The social skills training typically takes place in contrived circumstances, with a trainer observing and guiding the interactions in a small group, or a support person embedded in the classroom. It is hard work. When kids hit college, they are basically on their own. Now, what if we could extend more of the social skills training OUT of the therapy room and into REAL LIFE situations? Subtle, invisible guidance and support as Aspy kids transition into college classrooms, into dating, into adult social situations (not thinking sex, but rather adult life in contrast to teen life). Wow. Oh, wow.


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