Cool toys pic of the day – Wildfire Worlds

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of Marc Stephens (@MarqueA2), who graciously posted this on Facebook and has given permission for it to be reposted here as a guest post.

Wildfire Worlds:

Wildfire Worlds is a riot! No, really, its a riot simulator! You place a single green-hoodied ‘activist’ into the map, and they try to recruit others to make a mob!

“We don’t need no education!” A huge mob of over 200 green-hoodied activists mob the local school and leave it in ruins.

This is another example of a game that is in ‘alpha’ phase of development, but offers a tiered payment to get access to the game. Well worth the $15 to unlock the full sim as it exists so far.

Wildfire Worlds… eventually, the city gives up on trying to repair the damage the rioters are causing. The power stays out after the powerplant is destroyed, and all the buildings stay in ruins. Trees seem to appear sometimes-but-not-always where green-hoodies die. The ruins become covered with vines.

I noticed along the way that the road was becoming covered in green and brown as it deteriorated. Eventually the world is owned by the little animated squirrels. The first shot in this series features that school which was burned down at the beginning. Though it was rebuilt many times, in the end, a forest surrounds the hopscotch board and there’s a bus long since crashed through and now rotting in the corner of the building. Interesting game, indeed.


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