Cool toys pic of the day – Color


“Color” is a color matching game, just as they say. It is more than a game, though. The game was developed for Method of Action, a group that is currently in closed beta preparing an online curriculum to teach design principles.

In their words:
“Our first course makes design understandable by rational people. Learn by tackling challenges in our drawing application. It’s free and easy to get started.”

So, the game “Color” tests, and teaches, the fundamental principles of color relationships, in addition to being a game. It could also be used to test color vision anomalies. One of the things that most impressed me is that the game was designed to EXPLICITLY make color relationships understandable to persons with color blindness. There isn’t any explanation of how the game is supposed to work, so it took me a couple tries to get it right. It requires a fairly speedy reaction time, and excellent fine motor control, so it isn’t for everyone.

Color is one of three design teaching games currently available from Method of Action. The other two are KernType, which teaches letter spacing and kerning, and ShapeType, which teaches the role of bezier curves in typography. There is even more! The concept of the course is a blend of crowdsourcing, anonymous peer review, badges, challenges, and gamification. The course content is presented as challenges, with your work for the challenges reviewed by a team of three other experienced users in the course. They don’t know you or your level in the course, but you need to pass their approval to move up to the next level of challenges. You can register for the beta version and find all three current games (including “Color”) at:

Method of Action:


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