Cool Toys Pic of the Day – International HapMap Project

International HapMap Project:

Before last year I was curious about genomics, especially personal genomics and personalized medicine. Then I tried it out. Now I am a convert, and not just a convert but a rabid proselytizer (despite still learning my way around the space). So I am even MORE interested when I see projects designed to make genomics yet more useful and practical for improving health.

In their words:
“The International HapMap Project is a partnership of scientists and funding agencies from Canada, China, Japan, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States to develop a public resource that will help researchers find genes associated with human disease and response to pharmaceuticals.”

Even better, it the information, from data to findings, is supposed to be made freely available at no charge. It is searchable, with some really fancy sophisticated (delicious) search options in advanced search. Results are display with a variety of display options, including text, downloads, and visual or graphic models of the genomic information. I was so excited, I just could not include only ONE image, so please look at them all, even if you have to click to see them. They also have supporting software, of which the most essential is probably the HaploView, for displaying the haplotype information which is the heart and soul of the database.


But the real info on Haploview and how to download it is here.

Have fun!


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