Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Elements of Bioinformatics

Elements of Bioinformatics:

Yet another PTEP (Periodic Table of the Elements Parody). I often love these, but this one is truly exceptional, because I love bioinformatics tools, also. Now, yes, there are more bioinformatics and genomics tools, but this is the cream of the crop, the best ones, compiled into an interactive visual structure that facilitates easy browsing by category and clear relationship for types of tools. The largest grouping of tools are the open source tools, and the smallest are commercial tools. Bravo, bravo! When you mouse over the “Key to Tool Type”, whichever category your mouse is on is highlighted across all groupings. Click on an elemental symbol, and you get more detailed information about the tool represented by that two-letter code, including authors, operating system, year created, publication, download (or more info) link, licensing. Excellent structure for the metadata. Color me impressed, and delighted to find this awesome useful tool.


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