Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Kippt


I heard there was a new flavor of Delicious, the online bookmarking system I’ve been using forever and a day. Heard this from Joshua Walker in our Google Plus Cool Toys community.

Google Plus Cool Toys Community:

Joshua was also the one who suggested Kippt as a possible alternative. That sounded like a warning to me! Went to try to get some links from Delicious tonight, and couldn’t. Evidently they are having some problems, and these included not showing any of my links or tags, no browsing, and no login. Oh. Well, then, what did Joshua say? Oh, right, Kippt. Let’s check it out.

17,896 users. 35 ratings, all five stars. Free. Hmmmm.

Easy to make an account. Requires installing a plugin. Here’s the plugin link for Chrome (which is the browser I was using to test this).’s Chrome extension

They describe this useful features.

In their words:
“• Save bookmarks: Save the page with your notes to • Highlight notes: Highlight the text on a page and click the extension and save your highlights
• Read Later: Save the page to your read later list with one click • Organize your links: Save your bookmarks into lists for easy organization • Search links: Type “k” and press spacebar to start searching your Kippt links • Quick actions: Right click a link to save to Kippt. You can also highlight text and save the current page with just one click • When adding notes, save clip quickly with: Ctrl (Windows) / CMD (Mac) + Enter”

I like the highlighting and “read later”/save page features. So far so good.

I make my account. Then I get stuck. They offer me a few folk to follow, not many, and don’t allow me to browse for choices. I take who they suggest for lack of better information. I try to search for other types of links there, but I can’t find any way to search. I go to DISCOVER, and it forces me to staff picks, which has little that interests me aside from geek stuff. I try search, but it will only search in my links, and I don’t have any yet. It looks like it has or will have a lists feature, which I like. I was upset when Delicious had that and then took it away. Sadly, “Lists” is grayed out and I can’t see any examples other than the ones they have as staff-picks, popular, and recent.

Kippt offers to find my friends for me. Oh, that might be nice. But I don’t know if Kippt will spam them, so I don’t do it. I end up going in circles, frustrated.

Maybe. I might try Kippt more. Or maybe not.


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