Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Try Being Me

Try Being Me – NR’s interactive dyslexia experience

“Try Being Me is an interactive experience to accompany the latest Newsround Special, ‘My Dyslexic Mind,’ which aims to put you in the shoes of the children featured in the film.”

I love this; really really love it. Reason 1: It taught me new things I didn’t know about dyslexia, and my son is dyslexic and I thought I already knew quite a bit. Reason 2: it blends several of my favorite things — gaming, storytelling, helping others, building awareness and compassion, and teaching/learning. Reason 3: the design is attractive and engaging, with bold colors, strong lines, and funny fonts that are also fairly clear. Reason 4: the game does quite a nice job of modeling some of the challenges faced by people with dyslexia, and hopefully will help other people understand and become more tolerant of these differences.

Last but not least, this is actually quite a well-designed game to play, and I enjoy it. Each of the challenges is based off a well known traditional game, and then spiced up to make it more difficult. The matching game associated with Ben’s story not only has the matching challenge, but the doors with the clever weird things to match move around in between each guess, so you can’t use position as a clue. For the Khalaya game, the words are cut up into pieces and jumbled, and you have to rearrange the pieces to figure out what they say. For Zach, the words shown sound like what they are supposed to be but are either spelled creatively or the letters are out of sequence. To unjumble things, you have to remember the correct order of a sequence of flashing wires. Of course, the number of wires keeps increasing and the flashes are never in a predictable sequence.

So, go try this out. There are lots of reasons. Maybe you want to learn something. Maybe you want to be supportive of folk with dyslexia. Or maybe you just want to play a fun game!

via Polygon: Try Being Me offers an interactive look at dyslexia:


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