Cool Toys Pic of the Day – TagWalk


Example given is my profile:

There are a number of tools to dig into Twitter profiles, stats, and metrics. This is only one, but it is one I hadn’t seen before, and seems to be more informative and easier to use than most I’ve encountered.

The biggest problem with it is that it seems to be a DEAD site. As far as I can figure out, the data is limited to 2011 sometime, which is ancient history as far as Twitter goes. It does such a nice job, though, I wish it actually worked. Here is what it does.

Info provided:

Personal: profile, basic stats, date joined

Mentions: who talks to me, sorted by recency

Talks to: who I talk to, sorted by recency

Words: most frequently used terms and phrases

TagWalk stats: tweets, retweets, tweets with links, number of hashtags used, number of people talking to me, number of people to whom I talk, web sites from which I post links.

Reputation: hashtags used by those who talk to me

Interests: hashtags used by me

Websites: web site top-level domains most tweeted by me

Links: “Recent” links posted

I find all of this of interest, but am particularly intrigued by the hashtags and the TagWalk stats. Even though this is over a year out of date, I find it interesting that my tweeting pattern roughly breaks down to 40% retweeting useful tidbits from others, and 30% each tweets with links and tweets as part of conversations with other folk. I found it very interesting looking at the hashtags for what I was sharing (health, tech, education, michigan) and what other folks reshared and talked to me about (healthcare and libraries). I found it very interesting to compare the stats and tags patterns between me and folk I “hang out” with.

I also found it interesting that I could use the same tool to explore links shared by domain (what’s being shared, who’s sharing it, what tags are used to describe it). It is also possible to browse similar info for individual hashtags and even words!




Potentially VERY useful. Now, will someone please tell @timhastings to update it?


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