Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Twitter Political Engagement map

Twitter: Political Engagement Map:

There are so many well done, fascinating, educational tools for examining the issues and visualizing the concepts and associated with the election. I really restrained myself, so that I wouldn’t overwhelm folk with politics for the last week. However, you didn’t think I’d completely ignore ALL of them, did you?

While I have been scanning and examining different political insight tools, I confess that this is the one with which I spent the most time. I don’t want to admit how much time. This was absolutely fascinating. I’ve been collecting a lot of tweets about the election under various hashtags. That’s also fascinating, but this tool uses real words from the candidates Twitter streams and real behaviors (in the form of retweets) by those listening to them.

I went to a few major new sites that listed the main issues from the campaigns. I searched a few common words for each of those concepts.

It is interesting to see which of the two candidates is really talking on Twitter. It is interesting to see who is talking about which issues. It was interesting seeing who used which words for a concept, like Romney always saying “healthcare” while Obama said “health.” There is an important distinction there, and very interesting to observe. It was also interesting to see what they didn’t say. Neither candidate mentioned “gun control” on Twitter, for example. There is a lot of detailed poking around you can do. I’ll tell you, after looking at the map for a lot of issues discussed by the candidates, and where the passion was for retweeting them, well, let’s just say I’m perfectly happy I don’t live along the Wyoming-Utah border. It seemed kind of polarized over there.


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