Cool Toys Pic of the day – #CILDC Google Hangout


Today I had a lot of fun presenting as part of panel at Computers in
Libraries 2012 in Washington DC. There are a lot of ways in which this
was interesting. First, I stayed in Michigan. We presented about
Google Plus. I talked about Hangouts, and presented THROUGH a Google
Plus Hangout. The panel team met via Twitter, and collaborated both
through Twitter, Google Docs, and Google Plus (hangouts), with the
slides prepared and presented in Google Docs. Then afterwards, the
slides were pushed into Slideshare, so they can be embedded in blogs
and such. Wow. We get around, at least online.

In this image I’m showing you a little more than I usually do. Not
just a window, but my entire workspace. I thought some folk might be
interested in the behind the scenes view. You see, the folks at the
live presentation would have seen the slide and the row of heads on
the side. Those of us who were in the hangout but not presenting in
person had our own private little backchannel chat going on in the
left side chat window. Meanwhile, there was ANOTHER backchannel going
on through Twitter under the #CILDC hashtag (far right of the
screenshot shown here). I happily participated in the side chats until
it was time for me to present, at which time my attention was focused
on the presentation notes which I had copied out to a text document
you can see on the far left of the screen. I could do this because I
was not managing the slides — Joel was, so I could focus on a variety
of spaces on the screen beyond the actual slide.

Oh, want the slides? Here they are:

CIl 2012: Google Plus or Google Minus?


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