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All Of Wiki:

A lot of buzz and sadness the past couple days about the demise of the
printed Encyclopedia Britannica. So many people telling stories of
when they were a child spending hours upon hours pouring over articles
in the family encyclopedia in the den, or dining room, or spare
bedroom, or …. wherever the family could fit the many large heavy
dense expensive volumes. $1400 a set is more than most computers these
days, and you could buy a couple iPads for that much money!

Speaking of iPads and encyclopedias, that’s the power of All Of Wiki.
The basic idea is to take all of Wikipedia and put it where you can
get at it when you don’t have a network connection. Of course, it has
a long slow download, but WIkipedia is huge. It isn’t free, but $8.99
for the initial app and $1 for later updated downloads is still much
much cheaper than, well, $1400. Want the app?

All of Wiki – Offline:


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