Cool Toys Pic of the day – ScienceDump


With a name that includes the word “dump” and a tagline of “smart is
the new sexy”, I couldn’t pass this one up!

I have incredibly mixed feelings about ScienceDump. The idea is
awesome, but not quite as awesome as the earlier Nibipedia by Troy
Peterson and crew.

Nibipedia recruited topic editors who selected collections of Youtube
videos on their topic. These videos were matched to Wikipedia articles
on the topic, creating a rich multisensory learning space, created

Cool Toys: Nibipedia:

All I can say is I was genuinely bummed when Nibipedia went belly up.
ScienceDump has a similar concept, but smaller. Let’s just do science.
Let’s just do videos. That’s it. Someone is selecting Youtube videos
on science concepts and collecting them in one place.

The problem is that we don’t know WHO is doing this! From their blog,
evidently two folk named Michiel and Jur? We don’t know WHY, not
really. They say, “We wished we were great inventors, top scientists,
super entrepreneurs but we are not 🙂 Instead we like to watch
interesting science projects, smart people and innovative ideas and
wanted to share that with you.” That really doesn’t tell us much about
who they are or why we should trust their judgement on what’s good
science or what’s a good video. With Nibipedia, we knew who the
editors were. They actually had some sort of professional connection
to the topic they worked on. They had names. Pictures, sometimes.
Twitter handles. We knew them, or we could know them.

ScienceDump has a nice feature that shows what videos are trending. I
assume that means the ones being watched via clickthroughs from their
site, but I don’t really know. The videos they select, well, some are
from great sources, like National Geographic, others might be cutesy
snippets like “Baby Duck Feeding Fish!” from JerzeyGirl255. So, who
said that was good science or good education? They have thousands of
“Likes” on Facebook. I admit, I’m one of them. I sometimes “like”
something just to keep an eye on what they are doing. They do post fun


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