Cool Toys Pic of the day – Sage Bionetworks Commons


Sage Bionetworks Commons:

This is directly related to yesterday’s post, “We Consent.” Someone
asked what people would do with the genetics and genomic data if
people actually agree to submit it? This is one illustration.

The Sage Bionetworks Commons is a data repository to curate, collect,
protect, preserve, and provide appropriate access to genetic
information, with an explicitly articulate goal of working towards a
better understanding of disease biology and development of drugs and
interventions to manage disease.

In their words:
“Recent technology advances offer biologists a spectrum and quantity
of data that was previously unimaginable. In order to transform this
information into healthcare advances scientists need to abandon
traditional linear and siloed research behaviors and work
cooperatively. The Commons has been developed to address this need and
to facilitate contributor-based community innovation.”

Bravo!! Part of what impresses me so profoundly about this project is
the level of detail and careful attentive insightful thought given to
every aspect of the project that I explored. The principles are clear,
and can be found easily, focusing on purpose, collaboration,
respecting rights from individual through researcher, sharing,
attribution, intellectual property, and tool development.

Commons Principles, April 2011:

The datasets available gather around specific disease topics or
themes, and are marked with icons to show the range and quality of
data available (genotype, phenotype, intermediate, network).
Information about a dataset includes who gathered the data, where, for
what disease, with how many subjects, in what study, with what
permissions or restrictions, and how attribution is to be handled.

Sage Bionetworks Repository (Downloads):

I was especially impressed with the work they’ve done to define
communities of interest and related attribution guidelines.

Activating Access: Group A
A1 – Facebook Project
A2 – Personalized Health “Link”
A3 – Activating Citizen Scientists
A4 – Academic Incentives
A5 – Investors and Industry

Connecting academics and industry is not uncommon, but to also include
citizen scientists and the individuals contributing their own personal
data is something that needs to become the norm but isn’t there yet.
Very proud to see that someone is doing this in such a prominent and
clear fashion. INot just bravo, but three cheers, and hip hip hurray!


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