Cool Toys Pic of the day – Abuse & Safety & Stalking, Oh my, Oh, my


“Poor fellow,” said the gentleman, “he has hurt himself.”
I did that, sir,” said a great lubberly fellow, stepping
forward; “and preciously I cut my knuckle gain’ his mouth. I
stopped him, sir.”
The fellow touched his hat with a grin, expecting something for his
pains; but the old gentleman eyeing him with an expression of disgust,
looked anxiously round …

Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. London: Richard Bentley, 1839, p. 156-157.

There is something rather ironic and fitting about Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday being Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day:

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

Even more curiously synchronistic, there was a workshop this afternoon
which I was lucky enough to attend on the topic of domestic violence
resources and best practices at the University of Michigan.

University of Michigan: Abuse Hurts:

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

They’ve won awards for this promotion, are sharing the content and and
suggestions with other institutions. It isn’t unusual for them to be
contacted by people seeking assistance who are actually not part of
our University community. This means you should all take a look at it,
even if you aren’t local to the area I’m in. You just might learn a
thing or two, or get ideas for use in your own community. On the Stop
Abuse website, they promoted information from last month and last
week’s activities on stalking awareness.

National Stalking Awareness Month (January):

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

They also included information on the local Safe House, quite a lot of
information during the presentation. SafeHouse (unlike what is
anticpated by popular opinion) actually focuses on the SAFETY of the
people involved, not a given response that doesn’t change for the

Safe House Center:

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

This brings us full circle, back to the Google home page, and safety,
and internet safety in particular. On today’s Google home page, in
addition to celebrating Charles Dickens, Google included a brief quiet
statement under the search box about Safer Internet Day.

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

If you clicked on that, it took you to a collection of resources from
Google to help families help keep each other safe in their online

Google: Family Safety Center:

Abuse & Stalking & Safety

Good stuff, folk. Worth checking out.


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