Cool Toys Pic of the day – 5 ebook search engines

Do you know why it is really worth highlighting just a couple of the
better ebook search engines? Because there are so many awful ones,
slathered with advertisements, disreputable results, or they give no
results for custom searches, and popping up porn as soon as you try to
search. See, I made the mistake of trying to find a few more beyond
InkMesh and JungleSearch.


InkMesh does a lovely job of search both ebooks and blog or websites
that include information about ebooks. InkMesh searches for all major
ebook devices and most of the major online bookstores. The search is
very simple, and once you’ve run the initial search, InkMesh offers a
faceted search on the left with advanced limits such as starred
reviews, prices, devices, and more. InkMesh also compares prices,
which is especially useful.


JungleSearch only searches for Kindle ebooks and the Amazon ebook
store. Within that limitation, it includes even more advanced search
limits than InkMesh, and once you’ve designed your search, it pushes
you directly into Amazon to view your results and make purchases.
JungleSearch offers a related website, eReaderIQ, with options to save
your search with alerts, track price drops or create an alert for a
book that isn’t yet available on Kindle.


Well, I did find some others ebook search engines that are alright. is a very visual ebook search engine that is also
available as an app for iOS devices. It prompts for searches by title
or author, but also searched keywords. Search results are sorted by
device (Kindle, Nook, iBooks), showing the cover and reviews, with a
“Buy” button that pushes you to the site for your purchase. It seems
to lack many of the advanced search features of the InkMesh and


Luzme is an international ebook search engine, that allows you to
search within a country region, whereas most of the other search
engines mentioned above assume that the searcher is in the United
States. Luzme says you can search by title, author or ISBN, and unlike, Luzme really means it. Searching by device or
keyword does not work. Luzme has other nifty features. You can create
a personal account, import your Amazon Wishlist, track price changes,
and more. Worth a look.


Neotake also allows you to set up your own account, search by
filetype, price, and limit by language. The nicest offering from
Neotake is the listing of the top 100 ebooks from the previous day,
week, or month.


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