Cool Toys Pic of the day – Annotum



There were presentations and a fair amount of buzz at Science Online
2012 last weekend over Annotum, a pretty new publishing platform based
on WordPress. WordPress adoption makes this relatively easy and
straightforward for many folk to use, since WordPress has such a large
base of users already. The Annotum folk had created a mock up for the
#SCIO12 folks, but it was all filled with Lorem Ipsum and as such
wasn’t truly persuasive to me.

Annotum: SCIO12:

It wasn’t until I started digging around in some of the supported
features that I began to understand why folks were excited. Open and
closed commenting systems to support peer review? Support for small
group, large group, and public collaborations? Yes, indeed, very nice.

In their words:
“Support for multiple authors, article review workflow, and version comparison
Scholarly features such as citations, equations, and controlled
document structure (headings, lists of figures/equations/tables)
Export to and import from the NLM/PubMed Journal Article DTD and other
structured formats”

Much more, too. Worth exploring.

Annotum: About:

Annotum: System Vision and Use-Cases:


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