Cool Toys Pic of the day – Occupy Research


Occupy Research:

This didn’t fit into any of the other posts I’ve been doing about the
Occupy movement & events, but it is so special and relevant and unique
that I couldn’t it let it go by without mentioning it.

In their words:
“This is an open, shared space for distributed research focused around
OccupyWallStreet / OccupyTogether. We are sharing ideas, research
questions, research methods, tools, datasets, and later working to
gather, analyze, discuss, write, code, and otherwise develop the
theory and practice of occupy research together.”

They have an excellent collection of tools and resources:

I was enchanted to see they have a Zotero group:

The most active conversation seems to be their Facebook group, where
recently they’ve been working on developing what seems to be an
ontology of terms related to the movement for facilitating
standardized research collaborations. This is, of course, happening in
an online collaboration tool, Google Doc. Very interesting initiative,
and it will be even more interesting to see what comes from it!


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