Cool Toys Pic of the day – TEDx Youth Day


TEDx YouthDay:

Livestream: TEDxYouthDay

Facebook: TEDxYouthDay:

YouTube: TEDxYouth:

Anyone out there in education? Or interested in global movements? Or
anyone young? Or know anyone young? Or anyone smart? Well, then, watch
some of these!

I figure most of you already know about TED, the Technology
Entertainment & Design events that create all those famous videos of
astonishing people talking about mind-blowing ideas they’ve had or
things they’ve created. Starting today and ending Monday is the first
ever YOUTH event within TED. Kids. Amazing kids. Inspiring. If you
teach at any age level, or if you are a kid or know a kid, this is
important. You can watch kids from literally all around the world this
weekend via the Livestream. You can watch them later via the YouTube
channel. You can watch this one now, about the project.

TEDxYouthDay Introduction Video

Or this one as an example filmed earlier about a 6th grade iOS app
developer working with a 3rd party company to develop, design and
release more of his apps through the App Store.

TEDxManhattanBeach – Thomas Suarez – iPhone Application Developer…
and 6th Grader


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