Cool Toys Pic of the day – Crowdsourcing POPS & Libraries


Earlier today I went on a small rant over at my other blog about last
night’s NYPD raid of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) groups, that
included throwing the five thousand books in their library in a
dumpster. I’m just a tad cranky about that right now.

Occupied? Or Censored?! Veterans & Librarians Protest…

So I was very interested to see that there is discussion about
rebuilding the library collection and looking for a space to house it
that will be both accessible to the OWS community and more secure from
police damage and raids. You know, I never really thought I’d be
saying something like that in America. People on Twitter are making
remarks about Bradley’s novel Fahrenheit 451.

As part of the hunt for a new location, one of the core resources is
turning out to be the New York World crowdsourced Google map of
privately-owned public spaces, a.k.a. POPS.

How Public are New York City’s Privately Owned Public Spaces?

There was a move to collect quite a bit of detail about each space, as
you can see from the main page for this project.

Rate New York City’s privately owned public spaces

Unfortunately, the data collection closed on November 9th, leaving
quite a few gaps in the dataset. The most important piece of data was
whether a person had visited to space to verify that it really is open
to the public. You can identify the unvisited locations on the map as
purple dots, while the green dots show the only places known to be
accessible. There are many more purple dots than green, but it is an
interesting project in any case.


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