Cool Toy Pic of the day – Eat Tweet

Eat Tweet:

Twitter @cookbook:

I’ve been collecting recipes that came via Twitter for years. YEARS! I
kept thinking I’d make a slide deck of the screenshots to illustrate
to people just how much fun it can be in Twitter, and how there is
something for everyone. But what kept stopping me is that, while some
of the recipes are mine, a lot of them are by other people and I’d
really want to give them credit or get their permission. That can be a
lot of work, so where I am is that I have this really nice collection
no one else has seen. I thought, wow, someday a Twitter cookbook?

However, someone else has already DONE a Twitter cookbook! They got
around my problem by writing all the recipes themselves. That works.
As soon as I heard about this, I rush ordered it. It arrived today. I
am now walking around with this absolutely darling little book of
recipes originally shared on Twitter. Good ones, too. If you see me
around in the next few days, I’ll gladly show it to you. Just ask. Or,
you can always go peruse the recipes in the Twitter account (which is
not that complete set, but will definitely get you started and quite
possibly inspire you).


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