Cool Toys pic of the day – StoryCorps


I’d seen StoryCorps before. I thought it was a pretty wonderful concept then, kind of a national all inclusive Foxfire project, gathering the stories of all kinds of people, about their lives, events they’d lived through, experiences that shaped the rest of their lives, why they made certain choices, the small miracles and the great ones.

One of the stories that caught my eye was this one of a young man who skipped class to hide out in the library, discovering a book that inspired him. Another was of an apparently random encounter that gave a person with a disability an incredible career to pursue. Another was of a young man on the autism spectrum who interviewed his mother, asking her hard questions like, “Have you ever lied to me?” For all of these they didn’t just record them, but they shared them, posting them online for everyone else. I loved the StoryCorps concept, I don’t usually have time to sit at my computer and listen to them. It’s pretty much always on my to do list without ever getting done. But NOW they have an app, and I can explore the stories while I ride the bus in the morning. Not just that either. I find myself regularly grabbing my phone from my pocket to pop the app open and wave certain stories in the face of someone I think should hear them. And those people get interested and scribble down notes to go look at them later. Now, I just wish I could get transcriptions …


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