Cool Toys Pic of the day – Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton


Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton:

I don’t normally share online digital collections here, simply because
there are so very very many that I love deeply, and while the
collections might be amazing and new, the technologies behind them are
not, usually, what I’d think of as “emerging.” This one is an

Doc Edgerton is known for his innovative work in stroboscopic
photography. His work at the time was truly remarkably innovative,
and even today remains far beyond the reach of the casual photographer
or artist. In the way that origami and macrame both take the materials
and techniques involved and push them beyond intended purpose and
normal limits, Doc Edgerton stretched the concepts of what people
could do with time, light and photography. He truly sets a model for
originating and exploring emerging technologies.

At the same time, I am in awe of the core philosophy Doc Edgerton
expressed and which is embraced on this website documenting and
honoring his achievements:

“Work hard. Tell everyone everything you know. Close a deal with a
handshake. Have fun!”

What an absolutely brilliant description of the essential and
fundamental concepts of open science!


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