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There are more and more apps for making various aspects of our lives more social. Goodreads and LibraryThing for books, Yelp for community reviews and business, GetGlue for movies and games, Foursquare for simply moving about town. The whole social food app market is a fascinating space, targeting people in the place and moment where they make their decision. Anyone else ever buy something on impulse? Anyone NOT shop by impulse?

There was a great panel discussion of this phenomena in InternetWeek last Month.

Social Food Apps: How They’re Changing Your Mind at Point of Sale:

Foodspotting was one of the companies on the panel, along with Consmr, Snooth, and Grubster. I noticed a few folk I know on Foodspotting, so that is the one I’m trying out first. It is a simple concept – go to a restaurant, snap a pic of your meal with your smartphone camera, and say what you liked or didn’t. For myself, I actually like it better from the point of view of a lurker, rather than for choosing a restaurant. I get all kinds of wonderful ideas for what to make at home. I guess I’m a bit strange though. These types of apps do have me thinking about how these simple social concepts connect in learning, and in critical thinking, as well as personal decisionmaking. Who do you trust and why? This is a very different process when choosing food than in choosing a book. It is intriguing looking at these different types of apps and thinking behind the scenes how they might really be working.


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