Cool Toys Pic of the day – Teaching Origami In Google+ Hangout


Google Plus:

Google Hangout is a GIFT, that’s what I have to say about it. A
couple days ago I was in a hangout with people from Lithuania,
Ireland, Portugal, Minnesota, Florida, and San Francisco (I think,
hope I didn’t remember the locations wrong). The gent in San Francisco
was driving around in his car talking to us in the Hangout, and then
carried his computer around to a coffeeshop and a bookstore. Today
someone told me about being in a hangout watching a tattoo being done
in real time, with folk commenting on the color and shading and such.
Tonight, @Tojosan and I were in a hangout that started with
@QueenOfSpain in her swimming pool and ended with my teaching @Tojosan
how to fold an origami unit that I use in making my paper quilts. You
see the look of delight on his face when he got it right? Isn’t that
priceless? And could you imagine how else to tutor someone in
something so physically involved as origami except face to face? Yes,
people make videos, but that doesn’t give you that feedback of “Oh,
no, not that corner.” or “Oops, you folded that over too far, not so
far.” I am dizzy with feeling empowered. Next, surgery? Emergency
first aid? I wonder when we’ll get the first reports of someone’s life
being saved through Google+ hangouts. After all, people’s lives have
been saved via Twitter and Facebook. Google+ Hangouts seem made for

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