Cool Toys Pic of the day – Krikle


Krikle is new, and lays claim to being “Augmented Reality Messaging
for your iPhone4″ and “It’s like virtual graffiti.” Well, yes and no.
I’m thinking of it sort of like taking Foursquare and morphing it into
a rather peculiar opt-in “push” beast.

I like the idea of people leaving “tips” and being able to attach them
to a place. Foursquare already has that function. It’s nice. In Krikle
you can comment on someone else’s tip, tho, which might get rather
interesting. Or nasty. I could see making it a student project to go
around campus and “comment” or tag buildings with interesting
historical tidbits and facts.

I tried to make a Krikle comment. It was harder than it looked, and if
there were any instructions I couldn’t find them. The comment about
virtual graffiti confused me a bit. I tried pointing the camera at
specific locations to comment on them. I thought that they’d be
visible when other people focused on the same area. Nope. I also
thought they’d be visible pretty much right away, which also didn’t
happen. I went away for a few minutes and came back, and they were
there. While I was confused, I managed to add the same comment
multiple times, though, which wasn’t what I planned. I tried to delete
it, and I think it worked, but I’m not sure if I deleted it for
everyone or just for myself.

When I tried to view the Krikle comments, I found that even a slow
walk was TOO fast to try to see them. Those little critters whip by
the camera really fast. I tried several times, and finally got one on
screen, but even just the usual shaky camera type of movements were
enough to make it almost impossible to capture the screenshot here.

My basic thought – this is an interesting idea, but I’m still waiting
to see if other folk find it useful.


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