Cool Toys Pic of the day – RedCross Ready Rating



The RedCross has a program to help enterprises of all sort prepare and
maintain plans for disaster and crisis situations. Join as a member,
and it will help you walk through the most critical questions and
issues for your organization, be a business or a school.

In their words:
“Organizations understand the need for being prepared and ready for
disasters, but often consider the process for getting better prepared
as cumbersome and complicated. Since its inception in 2008, the Ready
Rating program has been recognized by preparedness experts as the much
needed, easy to understand and not intimidating solution for helping
an organization take the steps to become prepared to respond to and
successfully withstand a disaster and other emergencies. ”

You can see questions and gather your information conveniently in
their secure online system. Even if you already have a disaster plan,
it might be useful to walk through the planning process provided here
to ensure that you haven’t missed anything. Is your institution ready?
For anything?


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