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Every since the big brouhaha of Yahoo’s plans to put Delicious “out to
pasture”, there have been a lot of folk asking me what to do, what I
recommend, where should they move. I said that I was going to take
some time and evaluate various tools and test them out. Meanwhile, I
would continue to use Delicious and would make sure to back it up

Since then, every now and then I mention one of the social bookmarking
tools I’m testing here. Today, it is Actually, I haven’t
yet made my account and started testing, but am excited
anyway. is really new – days old. It is made by the same folk who made,
which is the back engine for I totally love, and
wish very much that some of my communities on Twitter would quit
trying to make Twitter’s square peg fit into the nice smooth round
hole, give it up and switch to I have limited time for
social media, and because I spend so much time on Twitter, I have
trouble finding the time to spend with the wonderful and
Plurk communities. I am trying to make a point of it, but when push
comes to shove, something has to give. It can’t be where I am doing
things for work, so it has to be my personal communities. So the
message here is that I already trust fresh out of the box
without setting my fingers on it just because I trust the reputation
and experience I have with the brand and people and vision and ethics
and so forth behind the product.

Now, better yet. is based on the software,
which I already know and love. It has functionality that blends the
so-called microblogging tools with the social bookmarking tools. I can
join groups that focuses on topics I want. Delicious didn’t have
groups, but I am a big fan of the group functions in, so I
like this idea very much. and are OPEN SOURCE,
and YAY for open source! Even better, it offers you the option to set
a Creative Commons license for your bookmarking stream! These folks
take “open” seriously. And it is mobile friendly!

You can do a lot with the accounts. Yes, you are bookmarking. You can
use a bookmarklet. You can upload the Delicious bookmarks you already
backed up. You can connect with your Twitter account or or
other services. Because it is kind of a blend of social
bookmarking and microblogging, the stream is not quite as predictable
and clean as with Delicious, and people substitute strange comments
sometimes for what you would think was the title of the page or site.
They support geotagging, and four kinds of RSS feeds on each page (RSS
1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, FOAF). This makes it easy to repurpose and archive
the data, God bless them! You can easily create a “badge” or embeddable plugin
for other websites that shows the most recent activity on the account. This all sounds like it will be easy to make
mashups, too, and I am looking forward to that!

OK, I’ve uploaded my Delicious bookmarks. It is still processing them,
but with about two minutes it got 5715 of the 39,066 I have in
Delicious. Two minutes after that it was up to 8322. I am hoping the
rest will show up overnight. Many of the services I’ve tried choke
when they find out how much I have, which makes them useless to me.

Social stuff. You can look at your stream, or your stream with your
friends, or your groups, or various blends of the above. You can
favorite links or comments posted by other people. You can send and
receive private messages / links via the inbox and outbox. You can
send a reply to someone else’s posts. This is more conversational and
social than Delicious was. Because it is social, people can spam you
or make comments you don’t like, and you can block them. The usual,
but nicely done. When you embed something from another well known
social service (like Flickr or Youtube), it embeds a thumbnail in the
stream so you can an idea what you’re looking at. also
shows the usual metrics – how many people have bookmarked a link.
Browse by tag is of course supported.

The one CORE functionality I can’t find so far is how to SEARCH my
bookmarks in I can search all of, but I can’t
see how to limit to search to either just my stuff, just my friends, a
single friend, or a group. I can search People, Notices or Groups (as
in search for content that appears in these). They make it easy for
other search engines to search their content, and recommend Twingly,
Tweet scan, Google, Yahoo, Collecta.

As I finish this, has imported 16,948 of the 39,066, and
it looks like it may have choked at that point, since it has been
stuck there for ten minutes. I’ll know better tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Cool Toys Pic of the day –

  1. OK, followup. YES, choked halfway through loading my Delicious bookmarks. I even went back and verified the contents of both accounts and the source file. Even worse, I can’t figure out how to edit tags or correct / update links for a bookmark once it has gotten into HELP!

  2. Oh that’s too bad! I hope you get that sorted out soon. I was wondering how you back up your Delicious bookmarks? I need to do that and I don’t know how. Thanks for any suggestions!

  3. TO backup your Delicious bookmarks, log into your account, go to settings, and look for export. This may take a little time depending on how large your account it, but it downloads an HTML file to your hard drive that you can use to import elsewhere or to work with in the code.

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