Cool Toys Pic of the day – Genomera



Part genetic & genomic research, part citizen science, part
do-it-yourself DIY science, part social network — Genomera might be a
bit much to wrap your head around, but what an amazing and wonderful
concept, which will hopefully shape a great deal of the future of
genetic research.

In their words:
“Genomera is a new company helping people use genomic (DNA)
information for improved health through the combination of
sophisticated analysis and working together. Social, personal,
analytical genomics.
Though we aim to help as many as possible, to prove our approach, we
are particularly seeking people (and their advocates) suffering from
un-diagnosed and under-diagnosed diseases and conditions. If that
describes you, and you would like to influence our product or try
early previews, please let us know.”

Their blog has many
interesting, useful, and provocative posts, where you can learn more
about them, but I think my favorite so far is this recent one.

The promise of open clinical trials – when my data is MY data:


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