Cool Toys Pic of the day – Youtube Masher / Youtube Doubler

Youtube Masher:


I love YouTube Doubler. Lining up two videos that create something new
when you overlap them. Like poetry. Like music. Amazing. Just two.
Simple, like playing the blues, like reading over a single string bass
line in a coffeeshop. But embeddable.

But Youtube Masher? WHOA! What’s happing here? Fusion jazz, Sun Ra,
big band, Youtube Orchestra … Lots of videos, riffs from each one,
overlaid, stretched, shrunk, tightened, compressed, loosened,
lightened … Birdsongs mashed with the pure line of a musical
soloist, overlaid with a hidden orchestra and jazzed with innercity
construction sounds. Then save it as a riff. Build around it. Snip it.
Share it.

Alright, I can’t decide. You do it. Test them out with your students.
Give folks who can’t write music a chance to feel what it’s like.
Karaoke gone sweet. Go for it.


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