Cool Toys Pic of the day – Hitlantis


I was saving new tools like crazy today, but most of them would take a
lot more explanation than this one, and I have to get up really early
tomorrow, so something beautiful, useful, and obvious is a nice treat.

Hitlantis is a beautiful interactive visualization of music popularity
trends (see picture 1). I don’t know how they calculate the trends,
but they seem to be partly from other media and partly from the
actions of the community on the site.

Oh, did I forget to mention that it is part social network, also? And
part radio? And part marketing tool? And part
global/ethnic/international music discovery tool? They are from
Finland, so there is a preponderance of bands with names like
“Posteljoona & Ystävät” and “Köhyäpoika”, but there are also names
like “BigEazie”, “Bluebook”, “Big Fat Mama”, or simply “Esther”. You
get a five minute trial for listening, and then they ask you to
register (free). Listening and commenting helps the bands. Music
genres highlighted include rock, metal, alternative, indie, electro,
pop, R&B, hip hop/rap, country/folk, blues/jazz, world, reggae, and
punk. Bands have the option of sharing demos or full songs. I have the
impression that the music needs to be contributed to be played, but
that the band profile can be explored and commented on even if there
is no music. It is also possible to browse the comments from other
site-members (see picture 2).





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