Cool Toys Pic of the day – Google Hotpot

Google Hotpot:

This is kind of a cross between Yelp and Foursquare done with a Google
flavor. Search for a type of service in a location – restaurant,
dentist, movies, library. It shows the top ranked ones. If you
recognize and score the ones you like or dislike, it will revise the
list based on your recommendations. The more you rank, the better the

Google makes ranking and writing a review SUPER simple. Much easier
than any of the other rating sites I’ve used.

Invite your friends. Or not. If you do, it will allow to do sharing
and comparisons. It can help in planning a birthday party or other
festivities. If you don’t that’s fine, too. It is a little more
private, and the information is still useful, just not as customized.

Now, that is the background. The next step is think of this as if you
are a service provider instead of an enduser. How are people rating
your service? How are people rating your competitors? What do people
like about your service, or dislike? Do people even know you exist?


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