Cool Toys Pic of the day – University of Michigan Goes Mobile

Lately it seems like a large percentage of the meetings I’m attending
on campus are about mobile app development. Last week it was Dan Kim
talking about the Michigan Engineer iPad app, today it was John
Johnston talking about the MPharm app. There are groups and resources
to support converting web resources to mobile apps, making web sites
mobile ready, support groups for mobile app developers, debates about
whether to go native and covert to various formats or start general
and web-ready. It goes on and on. One person is urging everyone to
attend Mobile Monday Detroit, while two others create campus groups in different areas,
which the instructional designers have focus meetings (and the
librarians, and the marketing folk). Earlier this month the Art,
Architecture and Engineering Library hosted a mobile app hackathon. The library I work in (Health Sciences) created a
resource guide for our patrons and is in testing for a mobile app we are

I thought I’d just mention here a few of the cool mobile apps that
have come out of the University of Michigan in recent times.

University of Michigan:


Michigan Engineer:


Nerve Whiz:


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