Cool Toys Pic of the day – 15 and Counting, 15 and Falling

15 and Counting:

15 and Falling:

OK, this was fun. @Nedra on Twitter was raving about this brilliant
new teen anti-smoking campaign.

“Brilliant youth social norming approach – smoking joins the suckitude
– 15andfalling (expand) (HT @osocio)”

I wanted to blog it today, and in trying to get back to the site
discovered another site with a similar name, 15 on Counting. Amazing!
Both sites are actually about health issues of teens and youth. Both
are using social media to enhance and enrich their message and their
engagement with their target audience. 15 and Falling is about
the “suckitude” of smoking, while 15 and Counting is about
“young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, including
comprehensive sex education and information and youth friendly health
services.” 15 and Falling uses a lot of Youtube and Facebook,
while 15 and Counting depends upon Flickr and Twitter. 15
and Falling
focuses on how norms influence teens’ behavior, while
15 and Counting wants to change attitudes toward teens and
empower them.

What a fascinating and irresistible juxtaposition!


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