Cool Toys Pic of the day – Schedulizer


A couple years ago a bunch of librarians were talking about a
different way to look at our online catalogs. Basically, if there is
something that we all end up spending a lot of time trying to teach
the students and faculty in classes and workshops, then obviously it’s
awkwardly designed, at best. What we are teaching is the barometer of
what doesn’t work the way it ought to.

Another way to consider this thought process is what about systems we
build that people “love to hate” so much that they go off on their own
and rebuild it from scratch. The very existence of Schedulizer shows
that not just my school but a whole bunch of other schools have, shall
we say, interface issues with their course & class scheduling software
for the various colleges and universities.

I have a screenshot here from the Schedulizer integration with the
University of Michigan calendar, which is actually pretty slick. It
allows you to browse classes by department, location, and then
advanced search provides more options, such as specific faculty member
or keywords in the course title.

Schedulizer: University of Michigan:

There are probably close to a 100 different schools for which
Schedulizer currently offers schedule planning information. They offer
a button to suggest your school if it isn’t included yet, so more are

Now, how did I find out about this? Not my usual sort of site. A
couple of our students were talking with someone else here at the U,
asking if we could either make our systems talk to Schedulizer so that
they could push the planned schedules into our systems, or if we could
take a few lessons home and add Schedulizer functionality to our
systems. They would be happy either way.

Doesn’t that say something about the systems we currently offer? And
the systems of close to a hundred other campuses. Very interesting.


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