Cool Toys Pic of the day – If It Were My Home / Extreme Planet Makeover

If It Were My Home:

Extreme Planet Makeover:

I found these two websites at almost the same time, and was struck by
how different and similar they are.

If It Were My Home asks: “If you were not born in the country you
were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?” It
offers tools to compare lifestyle in different countries, the impact
of disasters in different countries, with examples of the Pakistan
Flood and the BP Oil Spill. It compares the two countries selected on
measures of lifestyle, mortality, economics, health, and more. For
comparing Canada to the United States, this is what it gave.

If Canada were your home instead of The United States you would…
– experience 28.67% less of a class divide
– use 27.2% more electricity
– have 25.67% less babies
– spend 45.33% less money on health care
– have 18.73% less chance of dying in infancy
– make 17.24% less money
– live 3.05 years longer
– have 8.6% more chance at being employed
– consume 6.5% more oil
– have 4.01% more free time
– be 33.33% less likely to have HIV/AIDS
Would you rather live in Canada?

Even more interesting, it allows comments and conversation, so people
from various countries share thoughts, observations, what they like,
and what they don’t. It provides a bit of a social sense of how big
and diverse the world is, and what is most important to people, how
people seek happiness in different ways.

Extreme Planet Makeover, also provides a way to look at the world and
see what makes it speical, but it does so in a more universal sense
rather than a social sense. “Control the look and habitability of your
own world,” it says. Choose how large your planet is, what type of
star it circles, how far it is from its star. You can quickly see
special it is to have a planet in a space that is, like ours, capable
of sustaining life.


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