Cool Toys Pic of the day – Flipboard



Today I was reading about Flipboard as an essential part of your
social media toolkit, and was bummed that it is only for the iPad,
which I don’t have. So someone offered to let me try it out on their
iPad, and I really could see how it is useful. It is almost like it
makes a little personal newspaper out of the top streams you define as
being useful. This really COULD make my life easier, especially if I
was just stuffing what I saw in my brain. What I need to do, though,
if that what I’ve found and stuff it into my social media streams for
other folk, like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc. I saw a way to
post what I liked to email, but I think I need to learn more about
iPad and its apps to figure out how to really make this useful. For
scanning information quickly, thought, and staying up to date, I do
like it better than Google Reader, mostly for the visual and manual


2 thoughts on “Cool Toys Pic of the day – Flipboard

  1. i’ve used Flipboard on/off – early adopter and they have made improvements over the past few months.. I can show you the app next time we are at a UM TnT meeting… NewsMix by sobees is trying to compete along with AOL Editions… don’t want to spend 2.99 for sobees and AOL editions hasn’t been released yet..NewsMix AOL editions

  2. I’ve been loaned an iPad for work for a couple days and am trying it out. I foudn the part to post to Twitter, but can’t figure out how to login to Twitter to make it work. LOL! Right now, it is cool, but still much slower than how I usually do this.

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