Cool Toys Pic of the day – NOAA Games & Simulation Summit

NOAA Games and Simulations Summit:

I did not attend the NOAA Summit today, but I sure wished I could!
There wasn’t much buzz about it on Twitter, at least near as I could
find out. I found one person on Twitter who attended (@Dr_KG) and one
person in Second Life (Jennette Forager), but am just going to have to
wait for them to report out via blog or virtual meetings or something.

Meanwhile, browsing the web site did highlight a number of educational
and informational games and simulations. Some I’d heard about before,
but there were some that were either new to me or are in development.
Makes me wish I had more time …

MAIN (mostly for kids)



Bay Game (about Chesapeake Bay)

Energy Island
US Department of Energy Opens “Energy” Island in Second Life –
Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World…

NASA: Moonbase Alpha Game

America’s Army (rated T for blood and violence)

Science on a Sphere


Under The Sea

Virtual Government (vGov)

Virtual Alaska

RELATED (but not a game)

Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds


NYC Hurricane


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