Cool Toys Pic of the day – In Remembrance

It seems like a lot of people connected through being friends or
relatives of friends are dying right now. Since Thanksgiving, not a
week goes by without my hearing of one or two more. My dear friend
Holly is deployed in Afghanistan right now, and she mentioned
iCasualties as a place she encouraged people to go look to get a sense
of what is really happening there right now. Don’t just look at the
main page, but click through, look at the internal pages, see the
unbelievable numbers of IED injuries and fatalities, the balance of
that compared to other types of injuries. It is mind boggling. Then, I
stumbled over a site from called “In Remembrance.” I
thought this seemed like an appropriate time to gather some of the
links and resources on this topic. This is yet another way in which
the Internet and online environment has changed our lives. It isn’t
just a gravestone now, but an online memorial, protected and
preserving memories and fostering community among those left behind.
My heart goes out to all the families, to the families and friends of
those injured or slain in this weekends shootings in Arizona. My brain
is incapable of comprehending the enormous loss in human life and

In Remembrance:



Counting Casualties:

Faces of the Fallen:

Honor the Fallen:

Iraq Body Count:

Iraqi Civilian War Casualties:


The Afghanistan Page: Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives in
Operation Enduring Freedom:

The Iraq Page: Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Iraq War
of 2003-2007:


DoD: Personnel & Procurement Reports and Data Files: Military Casualty


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