Cool Toys Pic of the day – Snowtweets

Today I was listening to Science Friday in Second Life. The topic of
the day was citizen science, and the delectable main meal was
introduced by a delicious entrée of Yarn made with carbon
nanotubules. Altogether a particularly fine intellectual repast for
someone tracking emerging technologies and science trends. I love much
about citizen science. They highlighted a few of my favorites (like
GalaxyZoo and Science for Citizens) …


Science for Citizens:

… and included some that were new to me. One of the one’s that was
new to me was SnowTweets.


Well, it has been snowing all day, and my toes are cold! I had to try
it out. 🙂 It is very simple.

“he Snowtweets Project provides a way for people interested in snow
measurements to quickly broadcast their own snow depth measurements to
the web. These data are then picked up by our database and mapped in
near real time.”

Send a tweet in the proper format. They map it. You can check the maps
either in a web browser or in an application that also displays the


Snowbird (the Snowtweets Viewer):


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