Cool Toys Pic of the day – Your Next Present

Still looking to buy some presents? The wonderful folks behind (first)
Your Next Read, which
was followed by Your Next Film and Your Next Game, have released Your Next Present.

Your Next Present:

Search for something your intended gift recipient already has, and it
will suggest related items they might enjoy. They have premade lists
for children in different ages, and focus (no surprise) on books,
movies, and games. Ah, well, no clothes, shoes, appliances, utilities,
or tools. Still, if you are stuck for an idea, it is a good place to

For an example, I searched for Miyazaki, a famous Japanese film
director and animator one of my relatives likes, and clicked the red
“All Formats” search button. YNP suggested his most famous and popular
film, My Neighbor Totoro, but I could have chosen something else. Then
around that, it suggested other films, some by him but also including
Harry Potter and a couple by Neil Gaiman. Then in the sidebar, it
shows suggestions in other formats as well, such as books about the
films or Miyazaki. You can browse by choosing one of the related items
and looking at related items that stem from it as well.

Have fun!


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