Cool Toys Pic of the day – Body Browser


Body Browser:

Today’s big news was that Yahoo, in their infinite wisdom, has decided
to close down or merge several services, including the top ranked
social booking service, Delicious. However, I don’t want to respond to
that until I have more information, and I don’t want to make a
recommendation about alternative tools until I check out a few and can
make some sort of intelligent comments about their strengths and
weaknesses and functionalities supported.

So instead, I am going to talk about today’s new tool from Google
Labs, which (according to initial reports) applies a Google Maps kind
of visual browsing functionality to the human body. I had been
pondering something like this a last month, after our Cool Toys
session on Maps. I was thinking about putting a series of anatomical
overlays into Google Maps and then tagging various parts of the image
layers with relevant information. I guess the idea was just too
obvious, but Google has gone one better than what I was imagining!
They are going to try to do this at a much higher level of
sophistication, and not just cobble something together on top of their
existing tools.

Even though I was already using Google Chrome, I had to download a new
beta version of Chrome to try this out. I can’t complete the set up
tonight, but didn’t want to wait to tell you about this potentially
very exciting educational tool for health and healthcare. Here is a
little more information (and I’m sure I’ll revisit this with lots more
pictures soon).

Google Operating System: Google Body Browser:

Networked World: Google Launches New ‘Body Browser’:

Youtube video demo:


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